The O'TOM / TICK TWISTER® is the best way
to remove all ticks completely and safely.

The O'TOM / TICK TWISTER® does not compress the tick’s abdomen, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases.

The O'TOM / TICK TWISTER® removes the whole tick without leaving the tick’s mouth in the skin.

The O'TOM / TICK TWISTER® removes ticks

Things you should know if you get bitten by a tick:

The tick must be removed correctly: do not squeeze the tick, do not burn it,
do not try to kill the tick or put it to sleep
with chemical products before removing it.

You should never pull the tick.
Instead, remove it with a twisting motion, without compressing it.

If you get bitten, it is essential to remove the tick quickly. Ticks can carry very dangerous diseases; ticks only need a couple of hours to infect their host.